T’Work and Glenn’s True Value: BFF’s

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We’re in Cahoots

You may have noticed some tools in Lincoln recently that aren’t attached to human beings. No, this wasn’t some Halloween hijinks. Those tools are listed under Glenn’s True Value! In addition to promoting them as a drop site, we have agreed to post their tools in Lincoln. This will give you even more options to compare when looking for tools to rent.

Of course, we can’t reiterate enough that our passion is still to open up all the garages in the world for rental. But this partnership with Glenn’s True Value is a baby step toward T’Work being a one-stop shop for all your rental needs! Plus, they have several pieces of equipment that were requested, but no user had uploaded. And all their equipment is available to buy at any time! So if you can’t find something user-owned that you need, be sure to check out Glenn’s True Value as a rental option.

So check out our inventory today to rent instead of buying and get T’Work for less! There are some great examples below.

PS – It was a jackhammer rental that ended up giving Kyle the idea for T’Work, and now there’s one on the site! Just sayin’.

Find Glenn’s True Value tools in

Lincoln, NE

Check out our full inventory in your city!

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