4 Guides for Winterizing Your Home and Yard

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#1: Popular Mechanics

This post in PM is very thorough, which should satisfy their readership well. There are staples, such as turning your fans to run backwards, or putting a foam cloth under your door to prevent drafts. But there are also things I wouldn’t have thought of, like turning down the temp on your water heater. Or winterizing AC lines. Every little bit helps, so stay on top of things. And for all your tool rentals, look no further than T’Work!


This list is pretty standard, and there are some overlaps with the first. But I liked that it included some auxiliary items that pertain to the house but aren’t actually part of it.

It also made me happy because I just cleaned my gutters and installed foam gutter guard. I probably should’ve gotten a taller ladder though…

#3: The DIY Village

These ten tips have some of the staples for winterization. They do have some interesting ones though, like the insulation in the outlets. (Though, this does seem a bit trivial. But I like the effort.)

#4: The DIY Network

This list is focused on yardwork for the fall. It contains some great ideas for making your yard look lush and green in the spring.

The best part of this one, however, is the glamor shots of the whitest man in America in his natural habitat. The tube socks and shoe/sandal hybrids pale in comparative glory to the strap-on aerator shoes. Read it and be pleased as I was pleased.



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