Handmade Christmas Gifts You can Make out of Wood!

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#1: Live Edge Wooden Pan Coaster

The ease of this project is dependent on your access to live edge planks. If you have one in your garage, just cut it to length with a miter saw, and stain/seal as desired. And WHAM! You’ve got yourself a beautiful, handmade table ornament.

The live edge look is all the rage these days. And this is the perfect centerpiece for your holiday feasts! Imagine setting your casseroles, meats, and au gratin potatoes on a single, classy slab of lumber. Remember, when Grandma’s cooking, consolidation is key.

#2: Stylin’ Wooden Trivets

This is another simple project that looks sleek and sophisticated. It should be another one-cut project. At least, one cut per trivet. Just slide it through the table saw as many times as you want, throw some stain on there, and you’re ready to start ironing. (Though, T’Work doesn’t have irons yet, so you’re on your own on that front.)

The iron-on patches will make any number of minimalist patterns. And again, your guests will be impressed by your elegant, yet functional table setting. (See above)

#3: Easy, and Surprisingly Soft Wooden Rings

If your loved one/significant other has an affinity for rings of all types, this’ll be a fun project for you! All you need is a tiny piece of good-looking wood, your giftee’s ring size, and some trigonometry and you’re set to click on the picture and woodwork your way into a fun Christmas!

It’s obviously more work by way of drilling and sanding, but it’s pretty much infinitely customizable. And when you’re done, you’ll have a handmade gift you’re proud of! And really is quite feathery. You’ll see.

#4: Trendy Cross-Section Art

If you’re not afraid of a little penmanship, you can make one of these without breaking a sweat. Just buy a slab of tree branch or cut one yourself. Sand it down and paint it, and it’s off to the races! It’s a proven winner. Trust me, my wife put one on our wall. And she knows what she’s doing.

Bonus!: A Button for Your Wrapping

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Cut a branch, put some finish oil on it, drill two holes, and wrap in twine. You’ll appear every bit the fashion plate come Christmastime!

There’s no step-by-step, so you’ll have to figure it out by yourself. But you’ll manage. I believe in you.

Happy Holidays!

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